Clay, Sculpture & Mosaics Age 8-12 4pm Tuesday

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9 Main St, Irvington, NY 10533, USA
Jan 05 2021
Mar 17 2021
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In this class, artists will explore various types of clay. Plus, we have added mosaics! Some types of clay allow sculptors to add color before the curing process, whereas with more traditional forms of clay we will paint forms and glaze them after the clay has hardened. We do work on a pottery wheel st times. Students will learn projects with the class, as well as having free time to create intuitively. The class will get to decide the scope and direction of projects based on what excites them about the world right now. 10 weeks.

Class dates

01/05/2021, 01/12/2021, 01/19/2021, 02/02/2021, 02/09/2021, 02/23/2021, 03/02/2021, 03/09/2021, 03/16/2021


Participants must currently be 8 years or older.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 4

Maximum: 8

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Registration starts on 11/22/2020 and ends on 02/26/2021.


9 Main St, Irvington, NY 10533, USA
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